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Q. I’m building a home soon. When should I have the well drilled?
A. BEFORE construction begins. Contrary to what you may have heard, there is not usable water in sufficient quantities everywhere. At the end of your project is not the time to find out that your property can’t provide the water you require.

Q. Where do I drill my well?
A. Many factors will determine the best drilling location. Property boundaries, utility locations and septic system distance requirements are just a few. We will meet with you on your site before drilling begins and determine the best possible location(s).

Q. What is the storage capacity of my well?
A. That will depend on the diameter and the depth of your well.
6″ casing stores 1.4 gallons per foot
8″ casing stores 2.6 gallons per foot
12″ casing stores 5.9 gallons per foot
The diameter and depth of your well will be determined by the water table records of the area and your own personal requirements.

Q. Our well has been running out of water during normal usage. Is there anything that can be done?
A. We cannot create water that was never present when the well was originally drilled. If you know the history of the well and it has always kept up with your needs in the past but has recently been falling short, it may be possible to ‘clean-out’ the well and restore the flow to previous rates. This can be a less expensive alternative to drilling a new one.

Q. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the red stains in my shower and toilet?
A. Water treatment has come a long way since the ‘water softener’. There are systems available now that will remove the iron stains and sulfur smell without any filters to change or having to haul salt bags down to your basement for the rest of your life. Ask us about what options we currently have, and we will assist you in determining what will work best.

Q. What brands do you use in your installations?
A. We use Myers, Goulds, Square D, Merril, CSI, Pentek and many others. All are extremely reliable and most come with at least a five year warranty, but frequently last 15 years or more. All of the parts we use have years of proven reliability behind them. We like to do the job once and do it right, with parts made in the USA whenever possible.

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